Papa's Pizzeria

About Papa's Pizzeria

Welcome to Papa's Pizzeria, an attractive pizza restaurant management simulation game. There, you will experience the real pizza-making process and serve customers the most perfect cakes. Things will get messy if you don't pay attention when working at one of Papa's Pizzeria's famous stores.

You will need to do a lot of work in each area of the store. Go to the order station to see people taking orders from waiting customers, then switch to the topping station to add more fresh ingredients to each pizza. Next, you need to bake the cake in the oven at Bake Station until it is perfectly cooked. After the cake is done, you need to switch to the cutting station to cut the cake into equal parts. Keeping your customers happy is always important so that you can earn tips for upgrading and decorating your store.

Main Feature

There is lots of work to do between ordering toppings, baking, and cutting cakes.

90 customers to unlock with unique orders.

Challenging food critics and demanding customers.

75 in-game achievements to conquer.

Controls Guide

Use the mouse to manipulate in the game.

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