Papa's Cheeseria

About Papa's Cheeseria

Papa's Cheeseria is a restaurant management game where you manage a buzzing bakery shop. Your mission is to make and serve delicious cheese sandwiches to your loyal customers. In the shop, you need to do the following tasks:

• Take orders from customers and record the ingredients they require.

• Choose the right bread, cheese, meat, and sauce and layer them on top of each other to create the perfect bread.

• Bake the bread on the electric stove until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown.

• Add other vegetables and seasonings if available, and cut the bread in half.

• Make french fries and sprinkle more cheese on top for extra flavor.

• Serve sandwiches with chips and soft drinks to customers and receive tips from them.

Try to serve customers very attentively; when they are satisfied, you can get a tip. Accumulate enough money so you can buy decorations and restaurant upgrades and play fun mini-games between shifts. Are you ready to be a great cheese and bread chef?

Controls Guide

Use the mouse to manipulate the game.

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