Plants vs Zombies

About Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a brain-damaging strategy game with fun but equally stressful zombie shots. Click play to face the onslaught of zombies in your garden! Half-dead zombies with horrible bodies, hideous eyes, and a crooked gait are flocking to the garden to invade your house; their purpose is to eat human brains to continue. continued to exist and harass many other places. Players have no choice but to build a solid defense with 49 plants such as sunflowers, shooting plants, and other obstacles to defeat the approaching zombie army.

Controls Guide

Plants vs. Zombies is a famous and fascinating defense strategy game. You will have to grow plants to fight off the zombies that are trying to invade your house. Use the mouse to manipulate the game. How to play Plants vs. Zombies is as follows:

• You will have a garden with many squares to plant trees. Each type of plant has a different function; for example, cabbage can shoot seeds at zombies, mushrooms can produce light or poisonous gas, carrot plants can dig holes to knock down zombies,

• You need to collect sunlight to grow plants. Sunlight can appear randomly on the screen or be generated by plants such as sunflowers.

You need to protect your house from zombie attacks. Zombies have many different types, can carry weapons or vehicles, and can fly or swim.
• You need to use tactics and combine plants to suit each level and type of zombie.

• You can play many different game modes, from classic to adventure, from minigame to zen garden.

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