Temple Run

About Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the easiest endless-runner style games to play, even in the first few seconds. Your character will run automatically on a small track, overcoming many obstacles scattered along the way to escape the giant monster right behind him. The objective of the game is to run away with the stolen mascot. Don't forget to take advantage of power-ups and add-ons to overcome many challenges on the run and achieve the required achievements of the game.

Controls Guide

On the main screen, you will read that your mission is Take the idol if you dare. The task is very simple; just press the Play button to rob the mascot in the ancient temple and run fast forward. Following you will be a giant monster, which is why you should run non-stop until you are caught.
You can press the bottom-right button of the screen to pause.


Press the left and right arrow keys to turn in their respective directions.

Press the up arrow key to jump.

Press the down arrow key to slide.

Also, you can use the mouse to control the character.

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