World’s Hardest Game

About World’s Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game is an extremely difficult puzzle game where you will have to guide a red square through levels filled with obstacles. You will be able to try out 30 different levels, each with its own difficulty and complexity. You will need to have good strategy and reaction time to complete the game. You will have to avoid the constantly moving blue squares, collect the yellow circles and reach the blue safe zone. You will have to have patience, focus and ingenuity to overcome these challenges.

Controls Guide

  • You will need to use the arrow keys to move the red square.
  • You can press the P key to pause the game and the S key to skip the level (if you're too frustrated).
  • You will be told how many times you die in each stage and the total number of times you die in the whole game.
  • You can retry the level any time you want, but that will increase the number of times you die.

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