About Incredibox

Incredibox is a music making and sound mixing game in which you have to control a group of animated characters with the ability to sing beatboxes. You'll be able to customize the looks and sounds of your characters by choosing different outfits and accessories. You will be able to create unique and diverse music, from hip hop, pop, rock, electro, to jazz, reggae, funk...You will be able to save, share and listen to your tracks again own and that of other players around the world.

Controls Guide

  • The game has a very simple way to play and control, just drag and drop the icons on the screen.
  • When you drag and drop an icon on a character, you change the character's outfit and sound.
  • When you drag and drop an icon to the bottom of the screen, you will turn off that character's sound.
  • You can also use the function buttons to turn on/off sound, record, playback, delete, etc. You will have to try to combine the sounds so that they are harmonious and attractive.

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