Kiwi Clicker

About Kiwi Clicker

To sate the king's hunger, the player in the idle clicker adventure game Kiwi Clicker must create as many kiwis as they can. Take care of Kiwis, grow Kiwis, purchase enhancements, and expand your empire.

To start, click the bird to turn it into a kiwi fruit. One Kiwi is available with each click. You can get cash by delivering the kiwis you make to the king whenever you reach a particular quantity. Before being brought to the King, every delivery must undergo an X-ray to ensure safety. It could take some time to complete this phase. To enable the bird to deliver more quickly, you must attempt to accelerate the delivery speed.
You can purchase enhancements with cash. Make prudent upgrades to your investments to boost your power and click speed. This time, clicking yields more than just a simple kiwi. With each click, you can produce five, ten, hundreds, or even thousands of kiwis.


Controls Guide

The controls for the game are fairly basic. You can use the left mouse button to play it!

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