Pizza Mower 3

About Pizza Mower 3

Pizza Mower 3 is a free online platform adventure game inspired by Mario and other NES games. You can choose your character and explore a huge world with many levels and challenges. The game has beautiful pixelated graphics and vibrant music. You will encounter all kinds of obstacles and enemies, from Goombas to Koopa Troopas. But don't panic, pizza making skills are the most powerful weapon. Pick up pizza rewards along the way to power up and take down all the fearsome monsters attacking you!

Controls Guide

To play Pizza Mower 3, you need to use the following keys:

• A and D - go left/right

• J - Dance

• K - Run

• Spacebar - Grab/throw objects

• S - Crouch (jump high if holding and jumping)

• W - Entrance

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