About Cuphead

Cuphead is a must-have for Disney art enthusiasts. This fast-paced shooter focuses on hitting enemies that invade the screen, along with transforming bosses. Cuphead is really a big challenge for new players because of its high intensity and difficulty. In this game, you can transform into Cuphead, a character capable of firing weapons from their hands. He acquired that skill as a result of a magic potion. In this action game, your goal is to help the character overcome all dangers.

Tips to win

Try out all the weapons and powers. Try different weapons, see what works for you, and improvise. Keep buying and trying out all the weapons and skills to find the one that's right for you.

Players need to quickly master the moves and moves in the tutorial because they will help overcome difficulties in a great way.

Don't try to kill every enemy because the enemies will appear infinitely. Pay attention and avoid them.

Controls Guide

Control the character Cuphead by pressing the WASD or arrow keys.

To block, shoot, shrink, move, and switch weapons, press the Z, X, C, V, or Q keys on your keyboard.

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