Stickman Dragon Fight

About Stickman Dragon Fight

In the action role-playing game Stickman Dragon Fight, users can design and explore their own universe. In order to restore the universe, the player will assume the role of a warrior battling against monsters. They will engage in real-time combat while gathering awards to get access to additional fighters.

Controls Guide

The controls for players will be straightforward and simple to understand. They will need to use three basic and advanced skills: dodge, jump, amp up their ki, and transform their hero into an extreme instinct. They'll have to battle intruders as well.

You must use a controller or keyboard to control your character in order to play the game. The arrow keys or A and D, can be used to move; the W or Space keys to leap; the Z or J keys to attack; and the X or K keys to perform skills. In the settings menu, you may also modify the control keys.

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