Paper Minecraft

About Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is an online 2D version of the popular open-world building game Minecraft, developed by Mojang Studios. You can choose game mode, character shape, and explore a blocky, pixelated world just like in Minecraft. This game has two classic modes: survival and creativity, from the original game Minecraft.

Creative mode

You have an unlimited supply of tools and building materials in creative mode. You can fly around the biosphere, exploring different terrains like forests, water, rocks, and fields. This game mode is perfect if you just want to build awesome stuff and share your creations without worrying about survival.

Survival mode

Survival mode requires skill and ingenuity to survive. You start with nothing in this mode and must take advantage of the natural environment to protect yourself from the monsters that roam at night. Grow and harvest food, mine resources to create weapons, and build defensive structures to keep yourself safe.

Features of Paper Minecraft

• Bring the legendary Minecraft game into a 2D world.

• There are two game modes: survival and creative.

• Build, create, and survive in this amazing browser game.

• Original Paper Minecraft Version from Scratch.

Controls Guide

AD or left/right arrow keys to move

W or up arrow key to jump

Left-click to dig or place blocks.

E to open inventory or chest

to eat the item in hand.

Space key to split or drop items from stacks in the crafting menu

to save game progress

P to pause and Space to resume

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