Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is the most famous platform game today

As we know, the platform games are a genre of video games and are also part of action games. The core purpose of all side-scrolling games is that the player controls the character in the game to overcome the obstacles in the game by climbing, jumping, and swinging. The levels and environments will become more and more difficult with complex terrain environments and many new types of monsters, requiring advanced practice from the player. Pizza Tower is a 2D platformer game that was released on January 26, 2023, for Windows and Steam.

Pizza Tower has received generally favorable reviews from both critics and users, with a Metascore of 89 and a User Score of 8.6 on Metacritic.

Users praised the game for its fast-paced and fluid gameplay, its retro-inspired graphics and sound, its humor and personality, and its secrets and challenges.

Users compared the game to other platformers, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, and Jazz Jackrabbit, and found Pizza Tower to be unique and creative among its peers. 

The beginning of this story is that chef Peppino Spaghetti is sitting in his pizza shop when he receives unexpected news. Enemies are about to attack his Pizza Tower store. They will destroy the store by shooting a giant laser beam. Therefore, Peppino's urgent mission is to climb the tower and prevent this from happening.

Peppino Spaghetti is equipped with super-speed jumps, lightning attacks, and an army knife, and has dedicated taunt buttons that act as parries.
Peppino Spaghetti must participate in boss battles. He will have to face sentient cheese cowboys or a mischievous gremlin. If he loses, he will have to suffer all kinds of punishments, such as being turned into a cheese monster and burned.

The game includes 19 different levels; each level has its own treasure and secret area. Join this game world now!

Outstanding features of the Pizza Tower platform game

•  The platform game has simple but engaging gameplay that challenges the player's reflexes, observation, and tactical skills.

• The platform game has colorful graphics, lively sound, and many cute characters.

• Platform games can be played on many different devices and operating systems, making it easy for players to experience them anytime, anywhere.

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Can you protect your pizzeria from destruction? I can only reveal to you that the ultimate goal of the missions in the game Pizza Tower is to reach the exit door. Using a skateboard or running at breakneck speed to rush towards the wall is also a great way to get close to the emergency exit. Also along the way, collect lots of tomatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, etc. Good luck!