Geometry Dash

About Geometry Dash

RobTop introduced Geometry Dash, an intellectual game, in 2013. This game brings a lot of entertainment, fun, and drama after stressful working hours. With simple gameplay, you need to control the cubes to move over obstacles. However, this is actually a challenging game genre.


  • Geometry Dash is a game that performs actions based on bass tunes.
  • Geometry Dash is divided into three different levels, from easy to difficult.
  • Players will experience Geometry Dash in practice mode to improve their skills before entering the official match.
  • Players will have the opportunity to test their own patience, and the stages in the game are almost insurmountable.

Controls Guide

Along with simple gameplay construction, each gamer will have to automatically control the cube to facilitate moving and overcoming obstacles. Controlling characters in Geometry Dash is extremely simple, but they are quite responsive. You start the game with a square block as the main character; it will be moved forward automatically, and with every click on the screen, you will make it jump. So you will need to time your jumps precisely to avoid obstacles such as spikes, saw blades, etc.

At some point in each challenge, you will pass through a circular portal that leads into another world. Then your square character will be replaced with the rocket's name. To make the rocket fly higher, you will need to tap the screen continuously. Of course, you also have to control the rocket to avoid obstacles, like when controlling a square block.


  • Press spacebar or up arrow to jump
  • Hold down the spacebar or up arrow to interact in the game.
  •  Press CTRL + Shift + A to open Advanced Game Controls or click the keyboard icon in the sidebar.

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