Zombie Tsunami Online

About Zombie Tsunami Online

 Zombie Tsunami Online is an endless runner game in which the player needs to control a group of zombies to keep running and growing in numbers. The game has an extremely simple and attractive gameplay; the player's task is to control the zombies that move continuously, destroy their prey, and avoid obstacles such as wormholes, fighters, and mines. The main goal is to move as far as possible and at the same time collect as many other zombies as possible. Pay attention to collecting a lot of gold coins as well as transforming items to help Zombie increase his mutant strength.

Tips to win

Always prioritize completing tasks in the game to collect bonuses.

Try to collect as much as possible to upgrade your character, as well as buy the necessary items and do quests.

Make the most of your transformation time.

Try to train yourself to be calm, have quick reflexes, and be properly aligned with each short jump and long jump so you don't make mistakes.

Controls Guide

Your task is to dodge the obstacles and eat the people on the road.

Click LEFT MOUSE to jump, hold Mouse to jump further.


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