Winter Clash 3D

About Winter Clash 3D

Part of the Clash 3D game series, Winter Clash 3D is a 3D shooting game with a Christmas theme. You will fight alongside Santa's group of disobedient elves. To rise to the top of the rankings, you must eliminate a large number of opponents.

Controls Guide

  • To maneuver your character, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • To crouch, hit the C key; to jump, press the Space key. To aim, use the right click, and to shoot, use the left click.
  • The rebellious elves are trying to call upon the Pagan Idol, and it is your mission to save Christmas from it.
  • By accumulating points after every game, you can also increase the health and power of your weapon.
  • The map also shows you where to find other backup items, including machine guns and shotguns.

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