Tall Man Run

About Tall Man Run

Tall Man Run is an idle running game where you have to control a balloon man running through obstacles on the track. Your goal is to increase the height and width of the balloon man so that he is stronger and completes the track. You can also defeat enemies by kicking them in the head. You will collect gems to upgrade the balloon man's speed, height, and width, as well as his colors and accessories.

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse to control the man running through green gates with positive numbers to increase his height or width. Gates take the form of addition or multiplication.
  • Avoid red gates with negative or zero numbers, as they will reduce his height or width. Gates take the form of subtraction or division.
  • Avoid other obstacles such as bombs, barriers, and red or purple arrows, as they will also reduce the size.
  • Eventually, you will encounter one or more large enemies. You just need to use the balloon man to kick them in the head to knock them out.

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