Survivor In Rainbow Monster

About Survivor In Rainbow Monster

A survival game that incorporates exploration and adventure is called Survivor In Rainbow Monster. You'll portray a character who accidentally lands on a mysterious island full with exotic and potentially lethal creatures. You must discover a means to live, searching for things like food, water, and fire. Your health, energy, and mood statistics are other important factors to consider.

On the island, you may explore a variety of terrain, including beaches, woods, caverns, and volcanoes. You will encounter several different, unusual beasts that might either be allies or enemies. You have three options: confront them head-on, tame them, or flee. On the island, there are also intriguing stories and secrets. The game's stunning 2D visuals and humorous noises transport you to a realm straight out of a fairy tale. For those who enjoy survival and adventure, there is Survivor In Rainbow Monster.

Controls Guide

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to jump.

E key to interact with objects, I key to open inventory, and left mouse button to attack or use items.

You can also change the viewing angle by right-clicking. You can see more tutorials and tips in the game.

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