About Sunkenland

In the survival game Sunkenland, which combines real-time strategy and role-playing, you will explore a world that is under water and encounter terrifying sea creatures. You will have to collect resources, build bases, and fight enemies. You can pursue different strategies and customize your gameplay according to your personal preferences. You will have to effectively manage available resources, such as food, water, fuel, and electricity. You will have to upgrade your base with different buildings and equipment, such as houses, factories, warehouses, and laboratories. You will have to defend your base from attacks by sea creatures, pirates, and other bandit groups. You will have to explore sunken cities, nuclear plants, and train tunnels. You will have to search for resources, forgotten technology, and rare items. You will have to build diving equipment to support your underwater trip. And you'll have to be wary of the unknown dangers that await you deep below the planet's surface.

Controls Guide

  • You will use the mouse to control your actions.
  • You can tap on-screen icons to select commands such as move, attack, build, and research.
  • You can click the Pause button to pause the game and open the options menu.
  • You can upgrade your skills and attributes by tapping the character button.
  • You will play through many different chapters and scenes; each chapter and scene will have a certain mission and goal.
  • You will have to complete all the missions in a chapter to unlock the next chapter.

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