Suika Shapes

About Suika Shapes

A puzzle game called Suika Shapes is based on the Suika Game, often known as the Watermelon Game. You must match various shapes in an ever-shrinking area in order to win this game. Images can be dropped, rotated, and moved into appropriate positions. Two similar shapes merge to create a larger shape when they come into contact with one another. A watermelon is the largest shape you can make. The goal of the game is to line up as many forms as you can before the available space fills up.

Controls Guide

  • Choose a shape: You can use the Space key or the Select Shape button to choose a shape.
  • Rotate shape: You can use the R key or the Rotate Shape button to rotate the form.
  • Move the shape: You can use the keyboard's arrow keys or the left and right buttons to move the shape left or right.
  • Drop shape: You can use the D key or the Drop Shape button to lower the form.

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