Stickman Hook

About Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook game tells the story of stickman and ropes. Like Spider-man, the stickman has the ability to launch ropes like spider silk, hook into rings and swing to move. Pay attention to the cushions, they will help the stickman bounce to a higher position, very convenient for swinging and continuing this exciting adventure!

Control the stickman skillfully swinging over obstacles. Tap and release your hand at the right time to make the perfect jump.

Controls Guide

Tap to hook the rope and make jumps like a sports athlete.

Tap the screen to launch the rope, and release your hand to jump.

Avoid all obstacles on the way.

Swing from hook to hook and conquer every level.

Thanks to the hook and the mattress, the stickman can jump as fast and as far as the superhero Spider-Man. The faster you move, the more perfect your jump. At the end of each level, if the stickman wins, he will perform a unique jump on the vibrant music background.

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