Skibidi Toilet Friends

About Skibidi Toilet Friends

Skibidi Toilet Friends is a game about the cooperation of two special toilet friends. You will have to control two characters shaped like toilets to overcome the obstacles and reach the final door. This game has simple 2D graphics but very funny and interesting.

Controls Guide

To control the game, you can play alone or with a friend. If playing alone, you will have to take turns controlling two characters. If playing two players, you will have to coordinate with your friend to move together. You can use the arrow keys or WASD to control on the computer, or touch the screen to control on the phone.

In the game, you will encounter many different challenges, such as red blocks, deep grooves, walls or rolling balls. You must avoid touching them if you do not want to lose. You also have to move quickly and in sync with your friend so you don't fall or get stuck. You only have one network, so be careful and smart.

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