Roots Of Pacha

About Roots Of Pacha

Roots of Pacha is an indie farming and life simulation game set in the Stone Age. You and your tribe have recently arrived at a promising and fruitful location in this game. You can help your tribe grow, build relationships and culture, and learn the mysteries of Pacha, mother nature, by creating your own paced connection with the world. Vegetables and herbs can be grown, collected, and explored. Discover and tame animals by exploring the nearby wilderness; fish in shallow and deep waters to discover what's underneath them; and explore hidden tunnels filled with power and secrets.

Controls Guide

  • Use the best makeup that Stone Age has to offer to customize your character's look.
  • Develop your metalworking skills, create fine pottery and art, learn how to cook and preserve food (including meat alternatives and vegetarian and vegan dishes), and generate new building ideas to expand your community in any way you see fit.
  • The survival of the village will be assured by a tight-knit group of people, each with their own hopes and worries.
  • Invite people from neighboring tribes to reside with you and your settlement will flourish.
  • To pay homage to Pacha, mother nature and the elements, take part in ancient celebrations and rituals.

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