Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2

About Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2

Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2 is an attractive and haunting horror game for many players. You will play the role of a student participating in a school trip to an abandoned theater. However, you will have to face bizarre and dangerous creatures called Rainbow Friends, brightly colored, vivid dolls. New dangerous enemies appear after each level, and eventually you have to confront them all.

Controls Guide

  • When entering the game, you will only control your character. You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move. You can also click other buttons to jump, climb, or interact with objects.
  • You will have many different missions to perform in the theater. You must collect the items requested by the mysterious voice and bring them to a special place in the theater.
  • When you complete all of the missions or when Rainbow Friends kill you, the game will end.

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