Paper Planet

About Paper Planet

Paper Planet is a fun and unique planet defense game with a pencil-drawn graphic style. You will control a cannon to protect your planet from enemies in space. You will have to shoot accurately at all incoming enemies, pick up items and choose upgrades. There will be many different types of spacecraft, and you must learn about them. Get ready to confront an alien army heading towards your home planet.

Controls Guide

  • You will use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • You can click the Pause button to pause the game and open the upgrade menu.
  • You can upgrade the power, speed, and accuracy of your cannon, as well as purchase additional special ammunition, such as scatter shells, explosive shells, and beam shells.
  • You will have to defend your planet for a certain period of time, or until all enemies run out. You will be able to see your score and time on the screen.

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