Obstacle Race: Destroying Simulator!

About Obstacle Race: Destroying Simulator!

In the dramatic and thrilling 3D racing game Obstacle Race: Destroying Simulator!, you must compete against other players while navigating circuits filled with obstacles. This game's unique feature is that your car will shatter into numerous fragments when you crash into barriers. It's your job to control your damaged vehicle and get it to the car dealership. In this debris-filled game, you must expertly avoid obstacles, defeat rivals, and demonstrate that you are the greatest racer.

Controls Guide

  • You can control your car by using the left mouse button.
  • After every race, by gathering points, you can unlock new cars and upgrade your current one.
  • Along with other support equipment, there are firearms, bombs, and more. Regarding the race,.
  • The Tab key allows you to view your ranks and scores.

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