Hololive Suika Game

About Hololive Suika Game

Hololive Suika Game is an online game based on the popular Suika Game but starring the Hololive characters, who are a group of famous virtual reality artists on YouTube. In this game, you will have to tap Hololive characters to combine them into bigger characters. Your goal is to create watermelon characters, which are the biggest characters in the game. The game has exciting music and beautiful graphics, giving you a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Controls Guide

  • Use the mouse or touch the screen to select and drop Hololive characters into the play frame.
  • When two identical Hololive characters touch each other, they will combine into one larger character.
  • When you create a watermelon character, you will be given points, and the character will disappear.
  • Try to create as many watermelon characters as possible before time runs out.

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