Dino's Farm Shop

About Dino's Farm Shop

Dino's Farm Shop is a money-time simulation game where you can manage your shop in a world of living dinosaurs. Become a friendly dinosaur farmer and immerse yourself in the fun and challenges of managing a fast-paced market farmer. Grab and sell crops, catch and sell fish, and even cook delicious pizzas to delight your customers. Expand your store, attract more tourists, and build your reputation as the best spot for farm-fresh produce.

Controls Guide

  • Use WASD keys, arrows, or drag the left mouse to move around.
  • Touch the icons in the lower right corner to switch between modes: planting, catching fish, cooking, and selling.
  • In  planting mode, you can select seeds from the toolbar in the right corner and plant them in the plots. You need to suck the plant regularly for us to grow faster. When the plants are mature, you can harvest and sell them.
  • In fishing mode, you can select a fishing rod from the toolbar in the right corner and drag it into the lake. You can sell the fish or use them for cooking.
  • In cooking mode, you can select ingredients from the toolbar in the right corner and place them in the oven. When the pizzas are done baking, you can take them out and sell them.
  • In sales mode, you can view customer requests using the icons in the upper left corner. You will receive money and experience points for successful sales.

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