Dino Crowd

About Dino Crowd

Dino Crowd is an entertaining arcade game where your goal is to assemble a huge army of dinosaurs and create the biggest crowd to defeat your opponents. Recruit different dinosaurs and strategically expand your crowd to overwhelm your enemies. Prove your dominance in this epic dinosaur war!

Controls Guide

• Use WASD, arrow keys, or drag the left mouse to move.

• Use the QE KEYS to use the power of dinosaurs.

• While playing, collect dinosaurs of the same color as you to increase your crowd count. You can also eat dinosaurs of different colors to reduce their crowd numbers.

• Be careful with obstacles such as volcanoes, trees, or other dangerous animals.

• Confront other opponents and win to unlock new dinosaurs with different powers and speeds.

• You can play in solo mode or online multiplayer mode.

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